Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Meyer Lemon Loaf With Fresh Thyme


Spring has finally arrived, and I am thoroughly enjoying the warmer temperatures and sunny days. The last few weeks of winter are always the longest, and at times it seems winter will never end. Though we are experiencing a typical Michigan spring because one day we have temperatures in the seventies, and the following day we wake up to snow!
I made this lemon loaf over a month ago before we were all ordered to shelter-at-home. I have actually done more baking these past three weeks since I’ve been quarantined than I have the past six months. This past month, I went a little overboard buying too many blood oranges and Meyer lemons. I ended up adding a little fresh juice or grated zest into many of the dishes that I have been working on in my kitchen lately. Meyer lemons have a short season, so when they are available, I try and buy some weekly. Meyer lemons are lower in acid than regular lemons, have smooth, shiny skins, and are less tart than others. I love using Meyer lemons in my baking, and use them in any recipe that uses regular lemons.
This loaf is very moist, is full of lemony flavor with just a subtle herb note from the fresh thyme. I brushed my loaf with a warm lemon syrup, but if you prefer, you could top this loaf with a glaze, or even keep it simple and give the finished, cooled cake a dusting of powdered sugar. Slices of this loaf would be delicious served with a dollop of whipped cream and fresh berries for dessert, or a slice can also be enjoyed with your morning cappuccino.



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This adorable market sells everything from fresh produce to ice coffee. A gluten free sweet treat that may escape notice is their gluten free homemade brownie sold at the cafe. Unlike the prepackaged Gluten Free Desserts in the Hamptons most often found in stores, these are crunchy and tasty without breaking apart in your hand. Buying a few of these to bring to the Book Club would garner rave reviews, and no one would be able to tell the difference.